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Give me what you want, take what you want.

Welcome to THE WHITE BELT TRAVELLER (TWBT) and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here.


I will start this presentation by reflecting on two concepts that I have borrowed from perhaps my great teacher, let's call him IG.

  • Cinturón Blanco / White Belt: IG and I agree on the importance of facing life with Socrates' philosophy "I only know that I know nothing". The white belt philosophy makes us curious, eternal learners, why are we in this world if not?
  • Give me what you want, take what you want: We both also agree on the importance of working on detachment on a daily basis. And since we have already mentioned the great Socrates as a paradigm of learning, we will quote Diógenes as a champion of the latter.

TWBT is my life project; it is based on 5 pillars:

  • Live traveling
  • "FREE / BARTER" life philosophy (more on this later)
  • Minimalism
  • Learn every day
  • Expand consciousness


🌍 "Traveling is finding out that everyone is wrong about other countries". Aldous Huxley 🌍

Let me tell you a brief history of the main milestones that have brought me here:


The foundations

I have lived the first 43 years of my life enjoying it very much and, without knowing it, creating the breeding ground for, one day, achieve this dream.


The first unconscious step

I decided to buy a VW T6 van and camperize it, I called it Juanita.

2022 (ago.)

The bet

After several escapades through Spain and some through Europe, in August 2022, I decided to embark on a solo trip for a month. On a secret beach in a small French town, where he spent a couple of nights with the only company of my dogs Chino and Max, I had a revelation: I didn't know how, but I had to start the process of detaching myself from everything that didn't fit in Juanita and change my life, I should start living traveling.

2022 (dic.)

The awakening

On my Second Satori experience (a holistic retreat like no other) with my teacher IG, an experience that I have been one of only two people to have enjoyed twice and that has been enjoyed by less than 40 people handpicked by IG, I had two more revelations:

  • TWBT, that is, this one you are reading about.
  • My dream, a conscious people (keep reading).

If you want to see where I will be in the next months click on the following button



My entire professional life has been dedicated to Marketing and, more specifically, to the pricing strategy (Revenue Management) which, basically, consists of getting the maximum profitability out of each client.
I have created products ranging from €12 per month to €4,500 and I have decided, based on the philosophy "Give me what you want, take what you want":

  • give them away to those who really need them.
  • Exchange them with anyone who has something of interest to me.
  • To provide services to those who can pay for them and let them set the price themselves. I don't need much to live with this new philosophy of life.

If you are interested in what I am telling you, go to the section "WE HELP US?" where I explain how I will help you to achieve your goals, even for free, and you will help me, by giving me what you consider, to achieve my dream.



After many years of letting myself be seduced by this philosophy of life, Juanita's meagre 5 metres long and 2 metres wide give me no other option than to live with just enough.

Getting rid of everything that a person very dear to me once defined as "shitty little treasures" has been one of the best experiences of my life.


Learning is useless if you don't share it, if you don't use it to help create a better world.

Since the beginning of my professional life in 2005, I have lived life to the fullest, undertaken more than a dozen profitable projects and focused on learning new things every day.

This has allowed me:

  • Mentoring more than a hundred entrepreneurs.
  • To train more than 2000 students in aspects such as Revenue Management, Marketing and productivity.
  • Facilitate people to break mental barriers through high-impact dynamics, such as walking on hot coals or glass, breaking arrows and bending steel bars with their necks, breaking concrete and wooden boards with their hands or falling into the void from backs trusting their peer.

And I am still learning, since 2020 I invest more than €10,000 a year in learning:

  • In 2023 I start a master's degree in coaching to better understand people and be able to help them.
  • In every TWBT trip I will do my best to learn, learn, learn, learn...

My goal: to help anyone who trusts me to grow in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions, without money being an issue.


The world as we know it is changing.

The dizzying evolution of the human being in recent years has brought very good things, but also a disconnection from our essence, values and consciousness.

I myself am part of this evolution because, until now, my profession has been to help people and companies to make more money and grow more through the internet and all that this new world entails.

But I have decided to change direction. My current projects (RevenueKnowmads and RevenueKnowmads Agency, Marketing Surfers, bi4Hoteliers, Hospitality Sherpas, RKM University, Hotel Marketing School, and they continue to work and, to this day, they are the ones that feed me but, little by little, other people who I have been training for years and in whom I fully trust will take them.

And I, from this very moment in which I write this (December 2022), will focus 100% on helping people to reconnect with their essence, values and consciousness.


  • On the one hand, through everything I told you about in the WE HELP US? tab, helping people and companies, not only to grow but to do so in a conscious, ethical and balanced way.
  • On the other hand, encouraging you to build with me, little by little, what I invite you to discover by clicking on the following button. Will you help me achieve it?
The white belt traveler

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